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Who We Are

Meet the Founder.

We are a group of passionate educators who have been working with high school and college students in so many different ways: as mentors, as classroom teachers, as ACT coaches, college advisors. You name it and we have likely done it.


is a graduate of both Baylor University and Duke University. Before starting Open Future, he owned and operated a highly successful test prep franchise in Northern Jersey. Brantley has spent thousands of hours working with thousands of families with the same concerns as yours.

Before that adventure, he worked in higher education for offices with cool names like “Academy for Leader Development” and “Residence Life and Housing Services” (okay, so maybe that name isn’t so cool) and received a Master’s in Higher Education. Brantley and his family moved to Lawrence in May 2019. Brantley is a devoted fan of Tottenham Hotspur Football club, the music of Lyle Lovett, and late night snacks of sweet and sour Twizzlers.