Think less, score more.

Most of our test prep students see their scores improve by 4-8 points over prior scores over the course of one or two test attempts. We have developed unique strategies over more than a decade of work with thousands of students one-on-one and are guided by one core belief: think less, score more. Great test scores come down to great performances on test day – it’s not about what you know but how well you perform under pressure. We give our students ample opportunities to work with real ACTs and SATs in exam-like settings so they are fully prepared for the mental and emotional challenges of test day.

Everything we do is tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of each student. You work with a team of tutors who will not just teach test-taking strategies but who will become your test-taking coaches; your test-taking zen masters; your biggest champions on test day. We get to know how you perform under pressure and give you insights based on your performance on homework and practice tests. Yes, you will have to do homework (hey, on test day it’s just you and the test, right?)! And we expect our students to take 3-5 full length practice tests with us; this is key to making sure you are truly ready on test day.



Real Results

Our prep program utilizes real ACTs and SATs so there are no suprises on test day. And we guarantee improvement. Every student is different, but most of our students see improvement of 4-8 points over one or two test attempts. Anxious test-takers, careless test takers, reluctant test-takers – whatever your challenge we can meet it together.


Flexibility and Convenience

No upfront commitments required – use us as long as we are helpful. We are available whenever you are and are happy to come work with you in-home or at our office, whichever is easiest for you.


Personal Attention

We cap our case loads so that we can give each of our student smaximum attention. From scheduling flexibility to revising your prep plan to thoughtful feedback from everyone on your team, you will have our full attention throughout the process.


Highly Vetted Tutors

Not just anyone can hack it as a tutor at Open Future. Our tutors have all have degrees from rigorous colleges and universities. They have also all completed our in-house training which ensures that everyone at Open Future meets the high, results-oriented standards we have as a company