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Open Future exists to bring confidence, not stress, to the college process. From ACT prep to college essay writing and admissions strategies, everything we do is built around you – your goals, your ambition, your future. You can get started today by signing up for a baseline ACT or reaching out to discuss exactly what you need!

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We are a get you into college company that exists to help you answer this huge question: “Where do you want to go?”
We are a one-stop-shop for everything college prep related – personal tutoring, ACT prep, counseling, and more.
We have helped thousands of students like you get into their dream schools.

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  • Best Math Strategies For ACT Success
    Since the math test is structured from easiest to hardest, start at the beginning and focus the bulk of your time on the first forty questions. Use the answer choices to help you.
  • How to Crush the ACT
    Practice is key to doing well on the ACT. You’ll see the same kinds of problems on virtually every test. The more you see, the more prepared you will feel on test day.

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