Get your numbers. Find your fit. Tell your story.

Stand Up, Stand Out, & Be More than Just a Number.

Thousands of Great Colleges. Only one You. Where do you want to go?

It's never too early to think about your college process.

We understand teenagers AND we understand colleges.

We can tell where you stand now and what you will need to be successful.

What we offer our families

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SAT & ACT Test Prep

Excited to get into college but concerned about your test score and how it will impact your options?

Maybe you wonder WHEN should you start preparing for your SAT or ACT?

HOW long should you study for the ACT or SAT before taking the test?

Perhaps you need to KNOW how to study for the ACT or SAT.


Get a tailored plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. Start today with a free diagnostic test.

SAT & ACT Test Prep

WHAT role will test scores play in your college strategy?

WHEN should you start preparing for your SAT or ACT?

HOW do you improve your score?

Our students see meaningful improvement of 4 points or more over their baselines.


We will build tailored plans based on your strengths and weaknesses. Start today with a free diagnostic test.

Great College Essays make the Difference

Now more than ever, your voice matters. Getting the right numbers are a hurdle you have to clear, but a great essay seals the deal when it comes to getting in.

We help our students tell stories that will stand out in the admissions process. Thousands of students are about to write the same. boring. essay. (“Why I’ll be the best person you’ve ever admitted based on how cool my grandma thinks I am!” or “I learned about hard work by acing my AP exam!”). Don’t be that student!

Our experts will help you tell your story in a way that keeps your application at the very top of the pile.

Just remember: Break rules. Describe everything. DON’T BRAG.

Essay Success

Trying to write your college application essay have you feeling like…Be funny…but not too…, Reflect…not just recount…., Be YOU but don’t overshare….

The application essay is like a first introduction to your potential college and that alone can feel SO OVERWHELMING!

Our experts will help you shine while understanding what colleges and universities are looking for. Let us help you lift the stress and write an essay to help you shine.

College Counseling

Great students need to make sure they are more than just a number.

  • Guidance from a counselor who is an expert in college admissions

  • Tailored support for your unique educational journey

  • Comprehensive and individualized counseling throughout the process

  • Support every step of the way, from freshman year to graduation

College Counseling

Your guide through the college journey

  • Expert insights and thoughtful guidance based on who you are and who you want to become. Leave the noise behind: where do youwant to go?

  • Take the stress out of the college journey and replace it with a sense of possibility

  • High-touch, engaged, responsive. We take you and your success very seriously.

  • It is never too early to think about your process (freshman year, even!). The earlier you think it through, the more control you will have.

Be Proud of Your Hard Work

We know how much work, time , energy, and resources go into planning for your future.

We are here to help you navigate the path to college so that your effort brings you a future that is open and full of possibility.