College Counseling

College counseling

Be more than just a number!

There are literally thousands of great colleges out there and only one you. It can be overwhelming. It’s also full of opportunity if you have the right strategy. Great students need to make sure they are more than just another number when it comes to the college admissions process. We can advise you on everything from high school course selection and finding compelling summer opportunities to interview prep and specific application strategies. Who should write your letters? Should you visit a campus? Early action or early decision? Our students are applying to a range of selective schools — from your small midwestern liberal arts colleges to elite universities on either coast. We are here to help you figure out your options, find your fit, and get in.

Our college counselors work one-on-one with students and families to develop a comprehensive picture of your application profile. If there are areas that need more attention (extra-curricular involvement is a big one), we help you come up with a strategy to address it. Your college counselor will be available when needed throughout the process. We can come to you or meet at our office, whichever is easiest for you. We are here to make the college process full of possibility, not stress.



Confidence In Your Process

Every great student needs a great strategy. We will help you achieve clarity and confidence about where you are applying, why you are applying, and how you will apply.


Find A Truly Good Fit

Our team is outstanding at helping families discover great schools that may not be on your radar screen…but absolutely should be. We don’t just want you to get in; we want you to thrive.


Flexibility and Convenience

No upfront commitments required – use us as long as we are helpful. We are available whenever you are and are happy to come work with you in-home or at our office, whichever is easiest for you.


Expert Knowledge

Our college counselors have decades of experience with competitive college admissions in private practice, in academic research, and in private schools in the Midwest and the East Coast.

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