College Essay Coaching

College Essay Coaching

Standout and keep your applications at the top of the pile

Learn how to write an essay that keeps your application at the top of the pile. Your college essay is basically a creative writing assignment where the subjects is…YOU. Even if your application and essay is one of the last to be read at the end of a long night of application review, your application will stay at the top of the pile.

Our college essay coaches work with you one-on-one to learn your writing style and your story then make sure you write about something that will stand out. We know what everyone else is going to write about (*coughs* losing/winning a championship/student government election), so we can make sure your essay stands apart from the thousands of others a committee will read. We help you stand out without losing sight of who you are. Depending on your writing level, number of essays to be written, and competitiveness of the schools to which you are applying, you may work with your coach just a handful of times or for as long as 2-3 months.



Personalized Attention

Every student is different. We will help you discover something meaningful to say and say it in a way that is remembered by the admissions committee.


Flexibility and Convenience

No upfront commitments required – use us as long as we are helpful. We are available whenever you are and are happy to come work with you in-home or at our office, whichever is easiest for you.


Make a Difference

If you are applying to a selective school, every student they admit will have similar GPA’s and test scores. Your essay will be a crucial part of standing out from the crowd and can make the difference in getting that coveted admissions slot.



No nagging parents and no last minute deadline scrambles here. Working with a college essay coach means you stay ahead of the application crush and ensures you can remain timely and thoughtful throughout the process.