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There is only 1 YOU and we will help identify what values, skills, and interest you have that colleges want to know more about.

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Open Future Provides Exclusive College Admission Guidance
from Start to Acceptance Letter

Individually Curated Strategic College Plan

Recommend coursework plans for high school classes and placements

Identify and advise extracurricular, summer activities, as well as internship opportunities

Strategize and prioritize college visits and prepare for college interviews

Provide highly researched colleges and recommend a diverse list based on your student’s needs and desires

Guide students on various components of the college application process and avoid missing important opportunities

Cultivate a strategic and compelling application that highlights your students’ personal statement from draft to final edit

Provide clarity on decisions for offer letters, waitlists, or deferral decisions through

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Your Process

Every student is different. We will help you discover something meaningful to say and say it in a way that is remembered by the admissions committee.

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Good Fit

If you are applying to a selective school, every student they admit will have similar GPA’s and test scores. Your essay will be a crucial part of standing out from the crowd and can make the difference in getting that coveted admissions slot.

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No upfront commitments required – use us as long as we are helpful. We are available whenever you are and are happy to come work with you in-home or at our office, whichever is easiest for you.


No nagging parents and no last minute deadline scrambles here. Working with a college essay coach means you stay ahead of the application crush and ensures you can remain timely and thoughtful throughout the process.

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