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What doors could a better ACT score open for you? More merit money? Better college options? ACT scores often play the role of gate keeper for some of the most important decisions colleges make about who to accept or who to fund with a scholarship. We like to think of them as hurdles you will (seriously. definitely) clear. Below you can read more about our test prep services and click the buttons to sign up!

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Our approach to ACT prep is based on literally (literally!) tens of thousands of hours working one-on-one with all kinds of students, each seeking their best possible ACT score. Our whole approach to test prep is simple: learn the patterns; put in the practice. Like an athlete in a championship game or a theater kid on opening night, its all about muscle memory. Though the test seems huge and variable, it is actually incredibly predictable. At Open Future, we have figured out the best strategies, the best way of teaching them, and the best methods to make sure you’ve learned them thoroughly by test day. You also have the opportunity to get comfortable with the pressure of test day through our regularly scheduled, proctored practice tests. No one in the exam room will be better prepared for all the challenges of taking the ACT than you.

Cram Sessions

Everyone could use a great pep talk the night before the big test! Whether you’ve used our other ACT prep services or not, you can always join us for a cram session the week of the test. Review our core score-boosting strategies. Work through drills that will simulate the pressure of test day. Get positive reinforcement from our ACT coaches as they get you pumped up for the big day!

ACT Strategy Seminars

Our strategy seminars offer a comprehensive and straightforward overview of the inner workings of the ACT. This seminar is a great introduction to the ACT and works well for those who want a thorough introduction before their first official exam, seeking to maximize their budget, or looking to boost their score by a few points. You will be guided through our curriculum covering key strategies for all phases of the test by a two-coach prep team. In addition to the course itself, you will be expected to complete homework and be given the opportunity to experience multiple simulated test-day experiences.

One-on-One or Small Groups

All of our one-on-one students have the opportunity to work with two tutors, each of whom is devoted to particular phases of the test. Each tutor will work with you through our strategy curriculum while getting to know you as a test-taker (also: as a fantastic person with a bright future). They will get to know your strengths and weaknesses, your test-taking habits, your greatest hopes and fears about the test and will be able to constantly refine your approach. By test day, you will know the exam inside and out. One-on-one customers should schedule an initial consultation first!