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We at Open Future are prepared to tackle everything that goes in to a successful college admissions experience — from that freshman science class to that alumni interview. Below are the fundamental services we offer though we are capable of working with your family to find more specific solutions. To start booking services, just choose your location below!

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Our approach to ACT prep is based on literally (literally!) tens of thousands of hours working one-on-one with all kinds of students, each seeking their best possible ACT score. Our whole approach to test prep is simple: learn the patterns; put in the practice. Like an athlete in a championship game or a theater kid on opening night, its all about muscle memory. Though the test seems huge and variable, it is actually incredibly predictable. At Open Future, we have figured out the best strategies, the best way of teaching them, and the best methods to make sure you’ve learned them thoroughly by test day. You also have the opportunity to get comfortable with the pressure of test day through our regularly scheduled, proctored practice tests. No one in the exam room will be better prepared for all the challenges of taking the ACT than you.


The college admissions landscape is vast and (especially now; thanks Covid!) fluid; even in more certain times, it can be overwhelming. We offer services to help you tackle everything from the essay to developing a personalized college strategy. Get insights from our college counselors and essay coaches that will make sure you make the most compelling case for yourself to the admissions and scholarship committees.


A strong academic track record is one of the earliest things you can control in the college admissions process. Long before you even know what school you’ll be applying to, you are already building the foundations of a strong application.